Ways that you can Motivate Your Employees to Perform Better

One of the ways that an organization can add value to itself is through employee motivation. There are various ways that a firm can motivate its employees. There is intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. In the former, employees are motivated by external factors while in the latter; they are motivated by internal factors. As a business owner, there are numerous ways that you can increase productivity in your employees.

  • Appreciate and Recognize Them

Employees want to be recognized. They want their efforts appreciated. When you reward your employees for performing well whether it is monetary rewards or a gift, they will feel appreciated. A recognition and appreciation from management will definitely motivate them to do better. Let them know the value they add to the organization whenever they perform well.

  • Assure Them of Job Security

No one wants to work in a company where they are always worried about losing their job. A company that gives them a 3-month contract or the management keeps telling them how lucky they are to be employed there.

They want to hear that their skills are needed; they add value to the company. While some may think this will lead to employees relaxing knowing that they cannot lose their job, it actually boosts their morale. They feel it’s best to give the company their all.

  • Create a Stress-Free Environment

The work environment should not be stressful. Noise should not interrupt employees as they work. Create a good environment. Allow employees to take a short walk and stretch, provide them with refreshments where possible, keep the environment clean and safe for them. Good working environment gives them peace of mind where they are more productive.

  • Empower Them

Employees are excited when you ask them for their opinion in some operations. Imagine an employee has a suggestion that would add value to the company but they cannot approach the management to suggest it. From time to time, you should ask them to compile their suggestion on various things. Some of these suggestions should be implemented if they are in line with the company’s vision.

Some employees will be willing to assist clients further without seeking approval after considering the interests of the company and those of the guests but they are not able to. As the management, in some scenarios, authority should be given. When employees are happy, they will be more productive which is of benefit to the company.