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Que penser de ce papier : Hunter Biden asks God for justice at family bar mitzvah

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Un fois de plus, ce site va porter à votre connaissance un papier qui se propage sur internet. Le sujet est «la justice».

Le titre troublant (Hunter Biden asks God for justice at family bar mitzvah) est parlant.

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G-d help him.

Less than 24 hours after a special counsel was named to probe Hunter Biden’s alleged tax and gun crimes, and while GOP investigators continued to search his bank records for signs of influence-peddling, the first son was begging the Big Guy upstairs for justice – as he led a public prayer at his nephew’s bar mitzvah.

The Aug. 12 trip to Marietta, Georgia brought Biden, 53, and wife Melissa to a suburban synagogue for the coming-of-age ceremony of Jayden Cohen, 13, the son of Melissa’s brother Davan.

“Our God and God of our ancestors,” Biden beseeched the Almighty in the traditional “Prayer for the Country” at the shabbat morning service of Congregation Etz Chaim, Hebrew for “tree of life.”

“Pour out your blessings upon [our] leaders and judges,” Biden read — including, presumably, his father President Biden, as well as the Delaware federal judge who rejected his sweetheart plea deal last month.

“Help them understand the rules of justice.”

“Grant us the knowledge to judge justly,” he added later in the lengthy invocation.

Rabbi Daniel Dorsch and Hunter Biden
In an awkward moment, Rabbi Daniel Dorsch had to fetch his own prayer book from the upper bimah when Hunter Biden forgot to bring his own to the podium.
facebook CongEtzChaim

Biden — whose performance was captured on the synagogue’s livestream and posted to social media — dressed like a schlub for his nephew’s big event.

The nominal Catholic, the only male relative to attend sans necktie, fiddled repeatedly with a baseball-patterned yarmulke pinned to his head and kept a traditional tallit prayer shawl scrunched askew over his shoulders.

Visibly unpracticed in his role, Biden neglected to take a prayer book to the podium, forcing Rabbi Daniel Dorsch to lend his own.

And much like his father President Biden, who has made a habit of losing his sense of direction onstage, he milled about the sanctuary in confusion when his prayer was complete.

He was not introduced by name, but was called to the lower bimah — part of the synagogue’s sanctuary area — with a group of Jayden’s family members and friends who had been chosen to lead the congregation in various prayers.

But members were clearly familiar with the Cohen family’s White House ties.

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden asked God to give America’s leaders “the knowledge to judge justly” in a prayer he led in a Marietta, Ga. synagogue.

The synagogue’s Facebook page proudly displayed a photo of Jayden with the executive mansion as a backdrop.

“You would have thought Paul McCartney was there in the room, the way people were ga-ga over him,” one synagogue insider told The Post.

“You know, he’s not exactly a role model,” the congregant said.

“But if they were divided about him coming, they’re not talking about it. Because it’s still not politically correct to say anything negative within the Jewish community regarding the Bidens.”

President Joe Biden
The congregation prayed for President Joe Biden, who was not in attendance, during the Shabbat service.
AFP via Getty Images

Bank records released by the House Oversight Committee this month showed that Hunter Biden and his associates hauled in at least $20 million from shady foreign sources while Joe Biden served as vice president — evidence, critics say, of a lucrative international influence-peddling operation.

On July 26, the generous plea bargain that the first son struck with his father’s Justice Department imploded in a Delaware federal court under persistent questioning from US District Judge Maryellen Noreika.

The Delaware tax charges were dismissed Thursday, but the development was no answered prayer for Biden.

Instead, it cleared the way for David Weiss, the Delaware state attorney named last week as special counsel by Attorney General Merrick Garland, to prosecute the case in another jurisdiction.

Biden’s attendance at the family simcha was first reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Fewer than one-third of Americans believe that the Department of Justice probe of Hunter Biden is proceeding “in a fair and non-partisan manner,” according to an ABC News/Ipsos survey released Thursday.

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