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Retour sur l’article : Halle Berry demands justice for Ralph Yarl, teen shot by homeowner: ‘This should NOT happen’

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An unidentified homeowner shot Ralph Yarl, 16, after the teenager approached the wrong house while going to pick up his brothers.

Halle Berry is « sick and tired » of senseless violence amid news that a homeowner shot and injured a Black teenager, who family members said went to the wrong house while going to pick up his brothers.

The homeowner twice shot 16-year-old Ralph Yarl, who was hospitalized in critical condition Thursday, said Yarl’s family’s attorneys Ben Crump and S. Lee Merritt in a statement Sunday. The homeowner was placed on a 24-hour investigative hold and released pending further investigation, Kansas City police chief Stacey Graves said at a press conference Sunday.

Police have not confirmed the shooter’s race, but Crump and Merritt said he was white. When asked if the shooting was racially motivated, Graves said « the information that we have now, it does not say that that is racially motivated. »

« That’s still an active investigation, » she said. « But as a chief of police, I do recognize the racial components of this case.”

Berry shared a photo of Yarl, writing, « His name is #RalphYarl and I’m sick and tired of this feeling…my heart completely broke. »

She added: « This innocent child is now fighting for his life. This could be your child. This should NOT happen. Please do something today! »

In addition to Berry’s outrage, several celebrities are spreading awareness and demanding change. See what the stars are saying about the shooting.

Ralph Yarl: Homeowner shot teenager who went to the wrong house in Kansas City, lawyers say

Halle Berry demanded justice for Ralph Yarl.

Halle Berry demanded justice for Ralph Yarl.

Naomi Campbell questions: ‘When will this stop?

Naomi Campbell shared a photo of Yarl on Instagram Sunday. « Say his Name, #RALPHYARL saddened and sick to my stomach, when will this STOP? » she asked. « Heartbreaking beyond words an innocent child, son, brother. »

The supermodel added contact information to the James S. Rooney Justice Center and prosecutor’s office.

Wanda Sykes is ‘angry’ about Ralph Yarl shooting

Wanda Sykes shared the story and a photo of Yarl on Instagram Sunday, encouraging followers to contact prosecutor Zachary Thompson and « demand an immediate arrest and bring the appropriate charges. »

« Putting this on everyone’s radar cause I’m angry. It’s a miracle this young man is still alive, » she wrote.

« The shooter is walking the streets, because of course…this is attempted murder. No two ways about it but they will find a way. »

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Busy Phillips, Justin Timberlake, Kerry Washington and more react to Ralph Yarl’s shooting

Justin Timberlake detailed the events leading to Yarl’s shooting and called on his followers to demand action. « Right now, the (shooter) is free and the innocent teenager is fighting for his life in the hospital. This can’t be it, » he wrote on Instagram.

Busy Philipps demanded justice for Yarl and sent « so much love » to her « friends raising Black and Brown boys. »

« Yet another horrific day that I can only begin to imagine is a brutal reminder of the unfair reality of raising babies with the near constant threat of racially motivated violence and white supremacy, » Philipps added.

Kerry Washington used the discourse around Netflix’s delayed « Love is Blind » reunion to ask people to call the prosecutor’s office. « Instead of waiting around for #LoveIsBlind…make a phone call, » she tweeted. « For #RalphYarl. Demand that Prosecutor Zachary Thompson make an arrest and bring the appropriate charges. 816-736-8300. »

« (Ralph) is loved by his family and community and he has a bright bright future. He didn’t deserve what happened to him. We won’t stand for it. We are coming for justice, » Anika Noni Rose commented on Instagram.

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Jennifer Hudson said she is « heartbroken » for Yarl and his family. « Praying for his complete recovery ! »

« What happened to this young man is the reason every black mother fears for their child! » Leslie Jones wrote on Instagram.

Questlove said on Instagram that he helped Yarl’s family secure two attorneys to « make sure this family gets justice and accountability. »

« By a complete miracle, Ralph has SURVIVED and is recovering, » Questlove wrote. « ⁣This homeowner needs to be arrested IMMEDIATELY. He should have been arrested the day this happened. THIS IS NOT A MAN STANDING HIS GROUND. This is NOT a stand your ground case. »

He added:⁣ « A young Black boy HAS THE RIGHT to accidentally go to 115th Street instead of 115th Terrace WITHOUT BEING SHOT. Period. ⁣

Amy Schumer reposted an illustration from cartoonist Pan Cooke detailing the events of Yarl’s shooting.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Ralph Yarl shooting: Halle Berry demands justice for Black teen

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